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We're only lost children, trying to find a friend, trying to find our way back home. We'll never fall apart, just wait for together like, two pieces of a broken heart. IF YOU NEED SOMEONE TO TALK, I'M HERE FOR YOU!❤️

irobotyoujane: this what they looked like while they were flying above LA in a helicopter.. 


July 21: [More] Justin stopping by Whole Foods Market in California


"hi i’m harry"

"hi harry, we’re in the same band."



July 21: Justin stops by Whole Foods Market in California


I just want to thank each and every one of my 12,000 followers for being so amazing, because without you guys, I wouldn’t continue to keep this blog up and running. I love you all so much and this is my gift to you! I hope you enjoy. ♥ 

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